Breastfeeding Essentials Kit

Breastfeeding Essentials Kit

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Our Breastfeeding Essentials Kit comes with everything you need to kickstart your Breastfeeding journey, including:


Reusable Breast Ice/Heat Packs (pair): Need to encourage a letdown or relieve pain associated with a blocked milk duct? We Got You. Our microwave safe, BPA and BPS-free Breast Heat Pads provide comfortable, safe and effective relief from mastitis by utilising hot and cold therapy.


Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads (3 pairs): Reusable Nursing Pads that have been designed, tested and redesigned by mums, for mums. We've done the hard work to make sure you get allll the good sh*t found only in the best pads. Slim discreet fit, three layers specifically designed to maximise absorbency, comfort and minimise leaks!


The Boob Tube: Did you know that new mums go through an average of 4 different brands and types of Nursing Pads until they find the right fit? There is certainly no 'one-size-fits-all'. So we created The Boob Tube! Think of it like speed-dating for your boobs! The Boob Tube comes filled with 16 pairs of Nursing Pads. You will receive 2 pairs from a mix of 8 different leading Australian brands to help you find the perfect fit with cute little dividers sharing the brand name, price, features and more. No more settling for less, your girls deserve better 😉


Mama Tumbla: The ultra-luxe double-walled stainless-steel finish with imprinted 'Mama You've Got This' message will also go a long way in supporting your (very hydrated) breastfeeding and postpartum journey. Enjoy no-spill sipping while feeding, a generous 16 oz liquid capacity, nil harmful plastics or gross metallic aftertaste and it doubles as an ultra-easy-to-clean smoothie cup for busy mornings with a newborn.


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