Postpartum Peri Bottle

Postpartum Peri Bottle

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We ain’t here to sugar coat anything, your lady bits are gonna hurt. At times you might even think they are actually on fire. Enter, our lil firefighter: the postpartum peri bottle.

Ergonomically designed to gently cleanse your perineum postpartum, it’s leak-free, designed to be held upside down and delivers a super gentle, consistent stream of water to where you need it most… Essentially, it’s gonna dilute your pee (and ease the burn!), while helping you side-step the cringe hospital toilet paper. The less irritation and touching, the better. Trust.

Our Ergonomic Postpartum Peri Bottle is also a really effective, delicate way to clean your c-section wound postpartum. Wherever you’re using it, just fill with lukewarm water, point and squeeze!
  • Ergonomic squeeze design: made to be held upside down.
  • Rotatable angled nozzle - no misses here.
  • Light-weight and travel friendly. 
  • 300ml capacity.
  • 8cm x 17cm when fully extended.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Biodegradable bottle (nozzle excluded) - simply compost when you no longer need.


Fill bottle with lukewarm water, extend and secure nozzle, turn bottle upside down and jus before your about to pee, angle the nozzle to face the perineum area (aka, your vjay) and squeeze. Water will spray and easeeee that burn.

We truly hope this description helps assist in how to use - unfortunately our marketing manager, Karen, did not agree to us filming a tutorial for you. #SorryNotSorry #YouGotItGirl.

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