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Stuck on what to pack in your hospital bag? Our pre-packed hospital bags come with everything you need to welcome this new baby mama into the world and have the best recovery possible! A variety of the most recommended products and brands across Australia that mums swear by plus our own Got You products.

Our bag's are ideal for new mums feeling overwhelmed with what to pack, second or third time mums that want to do recovery better this time round or any mama that has simply left the hospital bag until the 39th week and would rather Netflix and chill than run around the shops packing for bubs. And with over $419.00 worth of goodies for only $349.00, why wouldn't ya?! No paying crazy prices solely for 'convenience' here. 🙅

Save your Googling for new Netflix suggestions, step away from your 2649 new Mum Facebook groups and throw that hospital bag checklist in the bin - just relaaax mama, we got you.


Total RRP value: $416.99. 

+ Optional extras:

Bunnie Caddie RRP: $120.00

Bon Maxi Overnighter RRP: $199.00


Total savings: Up to $116.99

We set out to create a best friend in a hospital bag but fear we may have mama-bossed just a liiiiittle too close to the sun. 😉 All jokes aside, we have poured our absolute heart and soul into researching, designing, developing, testing, reviewing (and testing again… and again!) every aspect of our hospital bags and the result has been so worth it.

All our branded products have been carefully designed and manufactured by us, based off A LOT of feedback from mums who have done labour, birth and postpartum and wished they did it differently. Each Got You Labour and Recovery Bag is filled with practical essentials, must-have extras, QR codes to get instant access to our blogs, access to a supportive, mama-centred community and so much more. This first (and second, third, fourth or even tenth!) time mum gig is hard, that’s why we’ve Got You.

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