We set out to create a best friend in a hospital bag but fear we may have mama-bossed just a liiiiittle too close to the sun. 😉 All jokes aside, we have poured our absolute heart and soul into researching, designing, developing, testing, reviewing (and testing again… and again!) every aspect of our hospital bags and the result has been so worth it.

All our branded products have been carefully designed and manufactured by us, based off A LOT of feedback from mums who have done labour, birth and postpartum and wished they did it differently. Each Got You Labour and Recovery Bag is filled with practical essentials, must-have extras, QR codes to get instant access to our blogs, access to a supportive, mama-centred community and so much more. This first (and second, third, fourth or even tenth!) time mum gig is hard, that’s why we’ve Got You.

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