not your
labour bag.

our mission.


our mission is to develop products that ensure no woman ever has to go it alone or feel unsupported. no woman needs to walk (or waddle) into labour and the messy, uncertain sh*t-storm that postpartum can be, feeling underprepared or overwhelmed. our goal is to help reduce the uncertainty new mums often face and provide better support and prep for second-time mums (or third, or 13th time mums!) - cos' hunni, there is a better way to do recovery.

our promise to you is to remain mum-focused, not baby-focused, cos' mama, you the real MVP!

so what did we do?

we decided to create a not-so-typical Hospital Bag designed to hold your hand through the ups and downs of pregnancy, labour and the fourth trimester. A bag designed to empower, educate and actually deliver the goods, when push comes to shove. We threw traditional hospital bag checklists in the bin and developed a no-brainer solution that ticks all the postpartum recovery boxes… With a lil sprinkle of humour on the side, cause this birth sh*t is stress-FUL.

where it all began


If you find yourself here you are most likely looking for a better way to do postpartum recovery. that was me, exactly 3 and a half years ago with my second baby, Mila. But let's start from the beginning. In 2016, I was pregnant with my first baby, Charlie. Thanks to my trusty friend, Google, I had it all figured out. Labour plan, a sleep routine for bubs, enough onesies to dress 10 babies shoved into an overpriced baby bag - but recovery? Pfft. I hadn't even given it a single thought.

Fast forward through a marathon 20-hour labour, five stitches and three hospital visits postpartum; I was vowing, "NEVER AGAIN". But of course I did. This time around I swore I would prepare. I brought everything you could think of to assist with labour, recovery and the fourth trimester. I placed orders with about 39 websites, scattered across multiple continents. Yes. If you're wondering - it was stressful asf. But it was also obvious the market was missing something. A pre-packed recovery bag that did away with the baby onesies and the stock standard products that sound good on paper, but don't serve a purpose in your new mama-hood journey. So the idea for Got You was born.


more bang for ya' buck.