Each box of Bath Salts contain 3x 120g Bath Teabags and 1x Reusable Muslin Bag to provide enough for up to 9 baths.


Chill: Lose those baby blues with this calming blend designed to keep allll the overthinking, doubting and anxiety at bay. (You've got this mama!)

Heal: It’s time to heal that perineal baby! Packed with herbs and salts that encourage perineal healing, reduce swelling, alleviate pain and smell totally divine! You’ll have your gal back to her old self in no time!

Refuel: This mum gig can be pretty draining. We get it. Refuel with our energizing luxe salt blend containing oat straw, basil and nettle. It’s time to reset your mind, feel a little less sleep deprived and a little more like yourself!