Bundle of postpartum recovery products including a pair of Perineal Ice Packs, a Peri Bottle, Bath Sitz Soak and standing up right are Breastfeeding Icepacks, all showing on a colourful blue and yellow background.

Postpartum Recovery Essentials

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Our Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit comes with our four staple products to ensure a smooth recovery including the:

Reusable Breast Ice/Heat Packs (pair): Need to encourage a letdown or relieve pain associated with a blocked milk duct? We Got You. Our microwave safe, BPA and BPS-free Breast Heat Pads provide comfortable, safe and effective relief from mastitis by utilising hot and cold therapy.

Perineum Ice and Heat Pack Strips (pair): Heated, our Perineal Heat Strips can provide perineum support in active labour and when frozen, offer cooling relief from discomfort associated with stiches, irritation, swelling and haemorrhoids.

Postpartum Peri Bottle: Ergonomically designed to gently cleanse your perineum postpartum, it’s leak-free, designed to be held upside down. Essentially, it’s gonna dilute your pee (and ease the burn!), while helping you side-step the cringe hospital toilet paper. The less irritation and touching, the better. Trust.

Chill, Heal and Refuel Postpartum Bath Tea Soaks: Each blend also contains a carefully curated selection of herbs and flowers designed to help get you through those mental and physical challenges that like to make an appearance during the fourth trimester!

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